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kisaan net sugarcane farmers: How cane cane calendar view calendar caneup portal 2021-22

Sugarcane Farmers:

Sugarcane Farmers:

Sugarcane department of Uttar Pradesh government has launched e ganna app and cane Ganna Kisan net portal for the convenience and transparency of sugarcane farmers, there is no need to get information from other websites. UP cane farmers can know all the information related to the slip calendar and their bets by downloading the web portal or e-Ganna App. Farmers can get information about past years sugarcane supplies in addition to slips on mobile. With this, farmers will not have to go round the sugarcane department or sugar factory if there is any work. Kisan Net UP kya hai

How to download E-GANNA APP e-sugarcane app

How to cultivate sugarcane, scientific method, complete information in Hindi

Due to lack of information, farmers have to suffer many times, this time is the right time for sowing sugarcane in the spring.

UP cane farmer slip calendar instead of Kisaan Net from or e ganna app (see UP Ganna Kisan Net Parchi calendar 2020-21 Online) – My Kisan Net

How to cultivate sugarcane in spring

Do the first deep plowing of the field with soil-plow plow. After that, three to four plowing should be done with harrow or cultivator. After every plowing, make sure that the soil is moist and friable. Irrigate before sowing for sufficient moisture in the soil. Initially, during the preparation of the field, only drains should be dug, do all other work such as cutting of sugarcane, spraying of fertilizers and pesticides and filling soil in the pit with cutter planter complete information

In the same way, there are many more.

All sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh (sugarfactory details) 2021-22)

In the same way, there are many more.

List Of Chini Mill in Uttar Pradesh, District Name, Website

  • Deoband Deoband- Saharanpur Saharanpur-www. kisaan .net /
  • Sarsawa (Cooperative) – Sarsawa- Saharanpur -Saharanpur-www
  • Nanauta (Cooperative) – Natauna-Saharanpur -Saharanpur-www.
  • Gaganuli -Gagnauli-Saharanpur -Saharanpur -www.
  • Shermau – Shermau – Saharanpur – Saharanpur – www.
  • Mansurpur Mansurpur Muzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Khataulimuzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Rohana Rohana Muzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Morena (Cooperative) Morana Muzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Titavi Titavi Muzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Tikaula Tikaula Muzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Khaikhedi Khaikhedi Muzaffarnagar Muzaffernagar www.
  • Wool woon Shamli Shamli www.
  • Thanabhavan Thanabhavan Shamli Shamli www.
  • Shamli Shamli Shamli Shamli www.
  • Sakauti Shakauti Meerut Meerut www
  • Daurala daurala Meerut Meerut www.
  • Mawana Sugar Mill Mawana Meerut Meerut www
  • Kinauni Kinauni Meerut Meerut www.
  • Nalamal Meerut Meerut www.
  • Ramala (Cooperative) Ramla Baghpat Bagpath www.
  • Malakpur Malakpur Baghpat Bagpath www.
  • Modinagar Modinagar Ghaziabad Gaziabad www
  • Simbhavali Simbhavali Hapur Hapud www
  • Brajnathpur Brajnathpur Hapur Hapud www
  • Anoopshahar (Cooperative) Anoopnagar Bulandshahr Bulandshahar www
  • Agauta Agauta Bulandshahr Bulandshahar www.
  • Siddhgarh Sabitgarh Bulandshahar Bulandshahar www.
  • Dhampur Dhampur Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Sayohara Syohara Bijnor Bijnor www
  • Bijnor Bijnaur Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Chandpur Chandrapur Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Sneharode (Co-operative) Snehroad Bijnor Bijnorwww.
  • Bahadurpur Bahadurpur Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Barkatpur Barkatpur Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Bundki Bundki Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Bilai Bilai Bijnor Bijnor www.
  • Chandanpur Chandanpur Amroha Amroha www.
  • Dhanura Dhanura Amroha Amroha www.
  • Gajraula (Cooperative) Ganraula Amroha Amroha www.
  • Raninagal Raninagal Moradabad Muradabad www.
  • Bilari Bilari Moradabad Muradabad-www.
  • Agwanpur Anwanpur Moradabad Muradabad-www.
  • Belvada Belwada Moradabad Muradabad www.
  • Asmauli Asmauli Sambhal Sambhal www.
  • Rajpura Rajpur Sambhal Sambhal www
  • Bilaspur Bilaspur Rampur Rampur www.
  • Mr. Narayanpur Narayanpur Rampur Rampur www.
  • Karimganj Karimganj Rampur Rampur www.
  • Pilibhit Pilibhit Pilibhit Pilibhit www
  • Bisalpur (Cooperative) Bisalpur Pilibhit Pilibhit www.
  • Puranpur (Cooperative) Puranpur Pilibhit Pilibhit www.
  • Barkheda Barkheda Pilibhit Pilibhit www.
  • Bahedi Bahedi Bareilly Bareilly www.
  • Semikhera (Co-operative) Semikhera Bareilly Bareilly www.
  • Meerganj Meerganj Bareilly Bareilly www.
  • Nawabganj Nawabganj Bareilly Bareilly www.
  • Faridpur Faridpur Bareilly Bareilly-www.
  • Bisauli Bisauli Badaun Badau www
  • Badayun (Cooperative) Badau Badayun Badauwww.
  • Nyoli Nyoli Kasganj Kasganjwww.
  • Roza Roza Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur www.
  • Tihar (Co-operative) Tilhar Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur www.
  • Nigohi Nigohi Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur www.
  • Maksudapur Makdoodpur Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur www.
  • Puwaan (Cooperative) Puwayan Shahjahanpur Shahjahanpur-www.
  • Roopapur Roopapur Hardoi Hardoi www.
  • Hariyawa Hariyawan Hardoi Hardoi www.
  • Loni Loni Hardoi Hardoi www.
  • Gola Gola Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Aira Aira Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Palia Palia Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Belraya (Co-operative) Belrayan Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Sampurnanagar (Cooperative) Sampurnagar Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Ajbapur Ajbapur Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Khambharkheda Khambharkheda Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www
  • Kumbhi Kumbhi Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Gulariya Gularaiya Lakhimpur Lakhimpur www.
  • Hargaon Hargaon Sitapur Sitapur www.
  • Biswan Biswan Sitapur Sitapur www.
  • Mahmudabad (Co-operative) Sitapur Sitapur www
  • Ramgarh Ramgarh Sitapur Sitapur www.
  • Jawaharpur Jawaharpur Sitapur Sitapur www.
  • Karimganj Karimganj Farrukhabad Farukhabad www.
  • Haidergarh Haidargarh Barabanki Barabanki-www.
  • Rozgaon Rauzagaon Faizabad Faizabad-www.
  • Motinagar Motinagar Faizabad Faizabad www.
  • Mizhoda Mijhoda Ambedkaranagar www.
  • Sultanpur Sultanpur Sultanpur (Co-operative) www.
  • Datouli Datauli Gonda Gonda www.
  • Kundarkhi Kundarakhi Gonda Gonda www.
  • Majapur Maizapur Gonda Gonda www.
  • Jarwalroad Jarwalroad Bahraich Bahraich www.
  • Nanpara (Cooperative) Nonpara Bahraich Bahraich www.
  • Chilwariya Chivariya Bahraich Bahraich www.
  • Parsendi Parsendi Bahraich Bahraich www.
  • Balrampur Balrampur Balrampur Balrampur
  • Tulsipur Tulsipur Balrampur Balrampur . in
  • Itaimaida Itaimaida Balrampur Balrampur www.
  • Babhanan Babhanan Basti Basti www.
  • Walterganj Walterganj Basti Basti www.
  • Rudhauli Rudhauli Basti Basti www.
  • Siswabazar Siswabazar Maharajganj Maharajganj www.
  • Gadora Gadora Maharajganj Maharajganj www.
  • Pratappur Pratappur Deoria Devriya www.
  • Hata Hata Kushinagar Kushinagar www.
  • Kaptanganj Kaptanganj Kushinagar Kushinagar
  • Khadda Khadda Kushinagar Kushinagar
  • Ramkola (P.) Ramkola Kushinagar Kushinagar www.
  • Severahi Sevahi Kushinagar Kushinagar www.
  • Ghosi GHosi Mau Mau www.
  • Sathion (Cooperative) Sathio Azamgarh Ajamgarh www.

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