Farmer steps into donor’s shoes

Palanpur: As many as 540 poor girls in Banaskantha’s govern-ment primary schools won’t have to burn their soles when they walk to school this sum-mer.

On Wednesday, all the girls got a pair of shoes and socks do-nated by a young farmer from Palanpur. Farmer Haresh Chaudhary also set an example how social networking sites can be used for yeomen service.

While travelling across the district, Chaudhary was pained to see the girls walk barefoot to school in scorching summers, biting cold and during rains. “I felt very sad to see that the girls’ parents could not even afford a decent pair of footwear,”

Chaudhary told TOI.

‘As a student, too, I used to see many children coming bare- encourage the girls to go to foot. I had decided to do some- school more regularly,” he said. thing for them.

It’s not a big do- nation, but will’ hope it will save them from the daily bruises and encourage the girls to go to school more regularly,”he said.

Chaudhary clicked several pictures depicting the plight of these girls, some with soles bruised and posted them on the social networking site. He also put up an appeal to help these girls. Seeing the pictures, Chaudhary stated getting calls from people who were willing to donate for the cause. He collect-ed Rs 44,000 in the process and used the money to buy shoes and socks.

“I got calls from people liv-ing abroad too, who asked for my bank account number to transfer the money,” he said.

A class VII student Usha Thakore said, “It is the first time that I will be going to school wearing shoes. I could not dare to venture out during summer, but now I will attend classes reg-ularly.”

Web Title: Farmer steps into donor’s shoes- Palanpur

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