Best Schools in Meerut | Which school is better in Meerut?

City of Meerut is one of the oldest in Uttar Pradesh. Meerut has been found to have significant historical and archaeological significance. The origin of the name “Meerut” is a topic of some debate. One theory proposes that it was named after the Delhi king Mahipal. The city is known as the “Sports City of India” and as an important educational center in western Uttar Pradesh.

The search for a suitable educational institution is a crucial first step in raising children. This part is crucial for the future of your children’s careers. Keeping this in mind Skoodos has compiled a list of the best top 10 schools in Meerut for you. So if you’re a parent looking for the top ranked schools in Meerut for your child, we advise you to not look further.

Top 10 Best Schools in Meerut

  • BIT Global School, Partapur Bypass Road, Meerut
  • St. Mary’s Academy
  • Dewan Public School
  • Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth
  • K L International School
  • Dayawati Modi Academy
  • Sophia Girls School
  • Meerut City Public School
  • The Millennium Schools
  • St. Patrick’s Academy

Important FAQs on School

Q1. Which board is this school affiliated to?

Ans: The School is affiliated to CBSE Board. However, almost every school is affiliated to atleast one board of education.

Q2. What facilities does school provide?

Ans: Firstly, the school provide all basic facilities each student. Indoor and outdoor sports are provided by school.

Q3. Is this school co-educational?

Ans. Yes, The School is co-educational. This school offers education irrespective of the student’s gender.

Q4. What is average strength of classroom?

Ans. The average students per classroom is 1:40. However, teachers and staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

Q5. Does this school have transport facilities?

Ans. Yes, the school does have transport facility.

Q6. When does admission process begin?

Ans: Admission process generally begins in the month of Feb/March.

Q7. Does the school have boarding facility?

Ans. The school does not have boarding facility.

Q8. What is home work policy?

Ans. The School does not believe in burdening the child yet some amount of home work is assigned in 2-3 subjects everyday which a child himself/herself can attempt.

Q9. Does the school hold PTM on regular basis?

Ans. Yes, the school and parents together can only support the child to grow in a desired way. Hence it holds PTMs regularly and welcome parent’s suggestions.

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